About Jill

It all started with an always busy household. One of six kids there was constantly activity. I found myself the go to for my siblings concerns and questions growing up...I was perfectly fine with this. I enjoyed being able to listen and if asked, offer my take on the situation.

When I was around 10 I got my first camera...it was a pink 110 film camera.  I brought it along with me on fieldtrips, sleep overs, and of course I took tons of photos of my siblings doing silly things. And this is where is all truly began.

Being there for people to express their authentic self and loving to capture moments in time, I found were the perfect seeds to have a vision of being a professional photographer! 

Fast forward to now...I have been extremely fortunate to call it my job. It is a blessing to help individuals create life long memories and allow their authentic self to shine! 

My mission is to serve every client to the fullest by dedicating my energy to making sure they get exactly what they ask for, while cultivating a friendship too. 

A huge thank you to all my former, current, and future clients for allowing me to create images that reflect who they are and the special moments in their lives!!!